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“I was originally attracted to Altitude by your website and the amount of time you invested with me setting everything out in was really professional. I had previous spent thousands on press advertising with no results. My new website and Lead Generator system is brilliant and the results only after 2 weeks has been amazing and I am really happy with the number of new leads and in particular being able to turn them into paying clients! The result has exceeded my expectations and I am really over the moon with the ongoing support that I have received form Altitude. I would suggest that anyone considering working with Altitude Communications or doing the “My Lead Generator” program should just take the plunge and go ahead because it gets the results and I assure you that the money will come back to you really quickly and it is money well spent. You will be very happy with the results and I have already recommended to others.”
Cassandra Kent, Franchisee/Owner | The Natural Way, Sydney - Balgowlah

I was actually presenting at an event a while ago and you gave me your card, and at about that time I had – just in the process of being really screwed over by a different marketing company so I was very hesitant but then when I looked into what you do I decided to take it one step further and follow through with you. Well, you were the exact opposite of the marketing group that I just referred to…Altitude actually listened to me and you talked to me about the options and you enabled me to make a decision based on the facts that you’d presented, and in working with you and your team, you were always there when I called. People are telling me how much they like my new website. I’ve already referred people to you and that was in the space of one week of getting it up there. The last thing a client needs do is spend time in trying to get a Masters in marketing when they can easily go to somebody who already has. The best part was just to be able to hand it over to Bill and his team in regard to looking after my marketing, there’s a great burden that’s been taken off my shoulders and I would thoroughly recommend that to a lot of people.
Stephen Dale, Author and Keynote Speaker | Smiling Tiger, Sunshine Coast - Queensland